What type of IR receivers is used for audio?


Shenzhen Yishenghua Electronics (brand: MYS/YHS) specializes in the production of: infrared receiver for Digital Multimedia audio Speaker, infrared receiver for plug-in speaker System.

When using an infrared receiver module (IRM) on a speaker, you first need to confirm whether the speaker solution contains infrared related configurations.Components inside the speaker that receive infrared signals and complete specific control commands, usually consisting of the IR receiver, the decoder, and the power supply.The infrared receiver can only play a role in receiving the infrared signal from IR remote controls and outputting it as electric signal.The decoder is responsible for parsing the electric signal output by the infrared receiver and converting it into specific control commands.Finally, the speaker’s control circuit according to the content of the command to perform volume adjustment, play pause, switch playback tracks and other corresponding operations.

The infrared remote receiver used on the speaker needs to meet the receiving distance of 5-20 meters and receive sensitive infrared signals. The commonly used ir receiver on the market is the nose bridge infrared receiver, the model is MYS-828, and the configuration needs to be recommended according to the actual product of the customer.

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