Using An Infrared (IR) Emitter And Receiver Extension Cable

An IR emitter and receiver extension cable allows you to control equipment hidden inside a cabinet or entertainment center using a remote control.

To set up:

1. Connect the IR emitter head to the IR sensor window on the front of the equipment you want to control, such as a cable box or Blu-ray player. Ensure the emitter LED aligns with the IR sensor.

2. Route the cable outside the cabinet and plug the USB connector into a power source like a TV USB port. This provides power to transmit the IR signals.

3. Place the IR receiver head outside the cabinet in a location with a clear line of sight to the room.

4. When aiming your remote, point it toward the IR receiver on the outside of the cabinet. The receiver will capture the signals and transmit them via the cable to the emitter head, which beams them to the equipment sensors inside the enclosed space.

5. The IR extension cable essentially extends the external IR receiver to the internal equipment for seamless control using your handheld remote from anywhere in the room.

Concealed Control Made Simple: The Power of Infrared Emitter And Receiver Extension Cables

An infrared (IR) emitter and receiver extension cable enables convenient remote control of entertainment equipment hidden inside cabinets or shelving.

This specialty cable has an IR receiver on one end to capture signals from a handheld remote. It transmits the signals via the cable to an IR emitter placed directly over the IR sensor window of devices like gaming consoles, streaming boxes, or soundbars mounted behind closed doors.

Using the cable avoids the need to leave cabinets open or equipment partially exposed for IR signals to reach. It also eliminates aiming frustration caused by narrow IR reception angles on many devices. With everything elegantly concealed and the extension cable in place, the equipment can be controlled seamlessly as if the cabinet doors did not exist.

So in situations where equipment must or should be hidden, an IR emitter/receiver extension wirelessly extends remote command functionality to enclosed gear. This maintains easy control while keeping the installation tidy for aesthetic or child/pet safety reasons. The cable becomes an invaluable problem solver for IR control challenges posed by equipment cabinets and shelving.

People May Ask

How Strong Is An Infrared Peak?

0:42A peak's intensity varies with the bond's dipole moment. Consequently, a link with a very strong

In IR, What Is A Strong Peak?

A higher IR peak, according to crystal symmetry, indicates a higher amount of dipole radiation (or, for compounds that produce dipole radiations, a higher level of atomic motion).

A Strong Infrared Peak at 1700 Is What?

In an IR spectrum that is closer to 1700 cm-1, carbonyl compounds have a significant signal at 1710 to 1740 cm-1. The carbonyl group's stretching vibration displays a strong infrared absorption between 1710 and 1740 cm-1 for simple aldehydes and ketones.

A Passive Infrared Sensor Operates at What Voltage?

An infrared control device with a distinctive, thin-line form factor is the Passive Infrared (PIR) Occupancy Sensor Module. intended to recognize and manage low voltage (12V–24V) lighting installations.

How Far Ahead Can An Infrared Sensor Detect?

These sensors work well in the range of 100–500 cm (1–5 meters / 3–15 feet) for detection. Their extended range renders them a commendable substitute for sonar sensors.

Can IR Light Pass through Windows?

Does infrared surveillance equipment see through windows and glass? Unobstructed, infrared devices function optimally. However, there is a noticeable decrease in the quality of the video recording when glass gets in front of their lens. This is because of the window's glare and camera reflections.

How Do You Define A UHF Transmitter And Receiver?

It is composed of a high-performance receiver and a small transmitter. With this approach, a single radio channel can be used to facilitate communication between several transmitters and a single receiver. Every 10 seconds or more, each transmitter periodically transmits a unique 32-bit address along with up to 16 bits of user data.

Which IR Peak Is at 3000?

The distinct peak located between 2900 and 3000 cm-1 is indicative of tetrahedral carbon-hydrogen bonding. Since you will likely encounter these bonds in almost every organic molecule you investigate, this peak is not particularly useful.

How Can The Range of My IR Sensor Be Changed?

The screw must be rotated clockwise to decrease range and counterclockwise to enhance it. Based on the idea that the screw must be tight, it does not function.

What Is The IR Extension Cable for Samsung?

The Smart Touch Remote can interact with your cable box and other AV devices thanks to the little Samsung Infrared Extender wire.

Usb Ir Emitter Infrared Extension Receiver Cable Products

SSS·GRGB USB 3.0 绶敿线 50FT A 型公对母主动延敿线,带 2 渪延敿芯片组信号增强器和 1 渪 USB-C 充电端口,怂用于网络摄像头、USB 集线器、游戏站、打印机、相漺

20-Meter SIIG USB 3.0 Active Repeater Cable in Black (JU-CB0811-S1)

The uxcell remote extender cable is infrared. USB Adapter for Repeater System Kit with 1 Receiver and 2 Emitters

uxcell Infrared Remote Extender Cable USB Wire Adapter Receiver Emitter Repeater System

Extender Cable for Infrared Remote Control, IR Signal Receiver Extension Cable with USB Power for Set-Top Box in Household or Hotel

Active Optical USB 10Gbps 33ft 10m Extension Cable for Phoossno USB 3.1 Compatible with Microsoft Azure, Logitech Camera, Xbox Touchscreen, Kinect Keyboard Mouse RealSense by Intel

USB Infrared Remote Control Hidden System Kit with IR Extension and Receiver Cable for Household, Hotel, and Other Environments - IR Repeater Extender Top Boxes: Confidential or Shared Use of Upper Cases

The Infrared Extender Cable from Supxing is a hidden infrared repeater system with one emitter and one receiver, measuring 10 feet in length.

Ten meters, thirty-two feet, and three millimeters is the length of the Ir infrared emitter repeater cable that extends the jack of the Ir receiver.

Extender Cable for Infrared Remote Control, USB IR Receiver, IR Emitter Blaster Extension Cable for Home and Hotel, Compatible with Broad Frequency

Top Reviews

J. Gibbons

Operates flawlessly; I'm quite happy with this purchase. It's a really straightforward product, thus not much else to say.

Erik Ward

Its broad range is why I bought it. It did not let me down. Its sensitivity allows it to react to infrared signals that are reflected off walls.


I got this for our Roku TV in our RV. We had put a Bose sound bar in front of the TV, but it was blocking the remote sensor. Purchase this, installed, and now the sound bar is no longer an obstruction for the Roku TV remote.

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