What are the factors that affect the distance of the infrared receiver?

The receiver of the remote control system must be in a state that can receive signals sensitively any time. In such a working environment, the IRM is easily affected by various interference signals ,and the phenomenon of low sensitivity, short receiving distance or no signal reception occurs in actual use.
Some common influencing factors are described below:
1.LIGHT SOURCES: In environments where infrared reception is used, infrared receivers can be severely affected by noise and interference from both natural and artificial light. The main light sources are incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps, sunlight.
2.SUPPLY VOLTAGE:Another influence on the MYS infrared receiver may be noise from the power supply voltage. This disturbance can be caused by switching power supplies that do not have well filters or other digital circuits that produce spikes on the power line.
3.ELECTROMAGNETIC WAVE:Electromagnetic waves generated by switching power supplies, motor control circuits, LCD TV backlights, vacuum fluorescent displays, and other power supplies can damage and affect infrared receivers. When the infrared receiver is interfered by electromagnetic waves, such below 100khz or close to the IR receiver bandpass frequency , the sensitivity and receiving distance of the infrared receiver will be damaged or even ineffective.

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