What type of IR receivers is used for fan?


Shenzhen Yishenghua Electronics (brand: MYS) specializes in the production of: remote control fan receiver, fan infrared receiver, energy saving fan remote control, remote control air circulation fan.

The infrared remote control fan is mainly composed of two parts: the remote control and the fan host. The remote control is a device used to transmit infrared signals. The fan host is the device that receives the infrared signals and performs the corresponding operation, which includes components such as the motor, control circuit and infrared receiver. The remote control transmits infrared signals, and the infrared receiver built into the fan host will receive the infrared signals emitted by the transmitter. After receiving the signal, the IR receiver will convert it into an electrical signal and pass it to the control circuit. The control circuit will decode the received signal and recognize the specific instruction. The control circuit executes the instruction, and it will control the working state of the motor according to the instruction to realize the function of switching on and off and adjusting the speed of the fan.

Infrared remote control fan realizes the remote control of the fan through infrared remote control technology, which has the advantages of easy operation, high sensitivity and remote control, and is widely used in homes and offices. The development of this technology brings more convenience and comfort to people’s life.

The infrared receiver head used on the fan needs to meet the receiving distance of 5-20 meters, receiving infrared signal sensitivity, commonly used in the market receiver head is the nose type infrared receiver head and iron shell receiver head, the model number is MYS-828, MYS-1838, the configuration needs to be recommended according to the customer’s actual product requirements.

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