work safety standardization On November 12, 2022, the company obtained the certificate of “Safety production Standardization Level 3 Enterprise”. The safety management, rules and regulations, various equipment and facilities, operating environment of the company’s various working departments, production positions, and operations are in line with laws and regulations, standard production procedures and other requirements.

ISO90001 Quality management system Become one of the enterprises through ISO90001 quality management system certification. The implementation of ISO90001 international standardized management, steadily improve product quality.

Sichuan Yishenghua was established In order to enhance productivity and respond to Sichuan investment policy, Sichuan Yingshan Yisheng Hua Electronics Co., LTD was established. Focus on research and development and production, expand the scale of production, and provide more local employment opportunities.

Shenzhen Yishenghua was established In 2006, Mr. Ma Yi, chairman of the board, established Shenzhen Yishenghua Electronics Co., LTD., and launched the independent receiving head brand MYS. Independent R&D, independent design. Production and sales as one.

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